5 Places Where To Get Inspired

Have you ever felt stuck? Feeling like everything feels bland, regular and normal. Everything to the core feels basic and uneventful. Especially at times like that it is hard to be inspired and be creative. Whether your hobby is to write, paint or any other creative outlet, the best is to get outside home and look for inspiration. Check out five places that I recommend to help you get the creative juices flowing.

I think an important chunk of being inspired is to get out of the rut. Get out of the daily routine, daily surroundings that don't spark much joy. Regardless of the list, music is one of the top ways how I get inspired. It makes me feel the rhythm, dance a bit and let myself be uplifted by fun music. So, check out the list and make sure to take music with you!


Museums are definitely a great place to get  inspired. A collection of artists work from last year, a decade ago, and centuries ago. It is truly amazing to see how artists express themselves in sculptures and paintings. 


I love bookstores. Whether it is the atmosphere, the smell of new books, or the rick shelves filled with amazing literature. When I feel low on inspiration, I like to read. In the last year I have jumped from novels like The Humans by Matt Haig (about aliens on Earth, kind of like a guide for aliens on Earth) to classics such as 1984 by George Orwell (a look into a dark world with strict rules and complete lack of freedom), to sci-fi masterpieces written by Arthur C. Clark, from which I wuld recommend 'The City And THe Stars'.


Coffee shops are inspiring. No wonder why people go there to do some work, it just feels somehow as if you were a part of these other people who went to the coffee shop to do some work. We all know we go there because we can't be productive at home. Enjoy the people areound you, have a good coffee and when in doubt, look outside the window and do a bit of daydreaming and people watching.


Flea markets are perfect for those who like to think that every item has a history. It might spark interest of writing or painting when you find an old vinyl player, a bright yellow typewritter or have a nice chat with a seller that has collected stamps all their life. There is so much life in any vintage market or shop, with so many items ready to bring out some inspiration from you.


When feeling stuck, get out of your daily surroundings. Take advantage of a free weekend and go somewhere. A city next to your hometown, a cheap to a neighbor country or take a bus and go to a park you've never been to but always wanted to visit. Changing our surroundings makes us get into details, look around and seek out new things.

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