Summer Accessories 2019 You Need To Get

With summer being in full bloom, this is the time to pick up some accessories for the beach and other adventures that are coming your way. We have gathered our TOP 5 summer accessories that you will love and want to get ASAP. 

Resin Barrettes

Resin barrettes are one of our favorites this season, and probably will be for a long time. Before I felt like I never wore any kind of hair pin, but ever since these came around, I keep wanting to create new hairstyles and experiment. They fit with everything, and they scream elegance and glam no matter what your hairstyle is that day. Check out our hair pin collection  with 7 different styles and over 40 different colors in total, to find your perfect match. 

Dried Flower Phone Case

If you love flowers, you will love this. I have been wearing the phone case below for months now, and keep getting compliments. It is the perfect minimalistic phone case with dried flowers that protects your phone and is very eye pleasing. Made out of transparent plastic to keep your phone safe. 

Small Shoulder Bags

Even though these small bags can probably fit only your phone, a card and keys, but how much do you really need in summer? It will make your life much easier to just carry this small cute little shoulder bag. And one of the key features is that it's so close to you that it will be hard to become a pickpocket victim. Everything is safe under your armpit. 

Vintage Sunglasses

This summer vintage sunglasses hit the stores and fashion runways with their vibes from 2000's. Some of our favorites are narrow square sunnies, transparent frames and cat eye. I recommend never leaving the house in summer without a pair of sunnies. And just in case of some crazy planned adventures in the summer months, be prepared with a spare set of sunglasses. 

Belt Bags

Belt bags are probably one of the comfiest trends so far, except for flare jeans. Anyone else thought they are ugly and wanted to stick to skinny jeans? The view changes once you put on a pair of these flare jeans and they make you feel like you are wearing sweatpants that still hug your butt. But getting back to belt bags, I am so happy they are in style especially because I don't like carrying things. This just hangs around and you can fit many many things in there. 

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