What is your dream holiday?

Mountains near the sea. Summer house with view to the seaside and he city. Tied within trees, sunshine and serenity. Peaceful. Suitcase filled with bikinis, summer heels and lots of thoughts. A vacation long enough to relax, refresh, get drunk, swim and be ready to face the reality back again. But now, wine and golden hour. 


Freedom, peace and tranquility. The feels of holiday that roots deep within you once it is long gone, but still feels so close. Mornings spent sipping coffee on a balcony and sunbathing. Getting some tone on the pale body and pink cheeks from the sunshine and laughs. Afternoons spent strolling in the city, having brunch and champagne. Going for a swim in the sea in the boiling hot days. Bikini all day. Cold mojitos, wine and gin tonics while floating in the pool on a pizza shaped floatie. Not a single worry in mind. 


Yoga with sunrise, skinny dipping with sunsets. On rainy days sink into writing, watching cliche movies and reading. Some nights when feeling philosophical, puff smokes and get deep into the middle of the existential crisis that is creeping up. Put life on paper and get a new fresh look into the future. Feeling comfortable with being, living and existing. 

What is your dream holiday?

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