7 Winter Self Care Ideas

With winter approaching and energy levels slowly decreasing, it is time to take full advantage of the cold, dark winter Sundays and indulge into self care. The list of winter self care ideas is all about getting cosy, relaxing and enjoying the cold weather. I know, it sounds crazy, but doesn't the harsh months have their own charm? When else can you make your coffee with Baileys, stay in long pajamas all day and really enjoy that hot bath? Read more and get inspired from 10 winter self care ideas you can try out on your next self care afternoon!

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

1 make soup or a stew

There is nothing better than a warm and delicious meal prepared from root veggies that are in the season. Whether it is a pumpkin stew, roasted brussel sprouts in the oven or chicken soup, it will definitely give your body all the nutrients in needs to feel more refreshed and full with energy during the cold season.

2 visit a sauna / thermal spa

I have started going to sauna once a month, and it really feels like a full day of spa. We all crave a bit of extra warmth in the colder months, and sauna will warm you up, improve blood circulation and make you relaxed afterwards.

3 indulge into herbal tea and a good book

If you don't want to get out of the house, get cosy under your favorite blanket and read a book. This will help you get off social media, scroll a bit less, and have a peaceful night. SOme of my favorite books have been:

> Humans by Matt Haig

> How to stop time by Matt Haig

> 1984 by George Orwell

> Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

> The city and the stars by Arthur C. Clark

4 go for a walk when it is sunny

If you live in a place where it is gloomy outside, don't wait for sunshine to go out, because it might happen in a few weeks. If you get lucky, get some rays of sunshine before sunset. There is some beauty of nature in winter, it is so calm and slow. It also serves as a good reminder for us to slow down and be a bit more peaceful during the winter months.

5 do journaling about the new year

Journaling has been life changing in the last months. It helps to gather thoughts, make decisions and also write down memories. Especially when weeks and months slide by, it is worth writing a few notes down to remeber what was on your mind in that time. Maybe ask yourself questions about the next year and where you want it to go. What hobbies could you start? What bad habits could you leave behind? What would you really like the new year to look like?

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6 bake warm goods

If you enjoy baking, this one is for you. Make your house smell amazing by baking some cookies, or a cake if you wish. There is nothing better than home baked goods, as you know what goes exactly in them, and you can have a treat the whole week.

7 make a treat basket for a friend / loved one

December is the time to give gifts and appreciate people around you. Maybe you know a friend who is going through a hard time, or a loved one you needs a bit of a boost of happiness. Make a gift basket and fill it with candies, warm socks, tea, maybe a book. I am sure that they will be very happy about this gesture.